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Segui Fai Informazione su

Written By: - Feb• 22•14

Segui Fai Informazione su
19/02/2014 Continuano le news legate ad iXcoin, una delle prime monete nate sulla scia di BitCoin. Da qualche tempo è infatti possibile effettuare trading di IXC anche sull'exchange Dopo il restyling del logo IXC e dell'aggiunta di un …
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Bitcoin isn't just for momentum junkies

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

Bitcoin isn't just for momentum junkies
We need to be careful in distinguishing momentum-junkie gamblers who are speculating in bitcoin, from investors & savers who have used it to store a small amount of capital, from merchants who are willing to accept bitcoins as payments. Bitcoin …
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Bank of Montreal Shuts Down Bitcoin Business Accounts: Report
A Vancouver-based bitcoin exchange says its account has been shut down by the Bank of Montreal & claims the bank is closing all accounts owned by businesses who trade in bitcoins. In a statement on its website, Cointrader said BMO was the “last …
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The next phase of Bitcoin investment
FORTUNE — Venture capitalists have invested around $ 100 million into Bitcoin-related startups, believing that the cryptocurrency will eventually take a major bite out of the global payments industry. Everything from digital wallets to merchant …
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State regulators to tackle bitcoin, virtual currencies
"As virtual currencies, like bitcoin, & similar technologies continue to be increasingly utilized, we have to ensure that governments are adequately protecting consumers & addressing lawbreakers without hindering innovation," said Carper, chairman …
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iPhone and Android – The Training Continues (Part 3)

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

iPhone and Android - The Training Continues (Part 3)

Film z imprezy Bitbar w klubie NRD Dantez // Revolution Promuj z nami house na
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Bitcoin debuts in Boston

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

“Future of Banking” makes its Boston debut.

16 Bit Bar & Arcade

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

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BitBlocks Wallpaper demonstration

You saw Android playing Mario, now see Android play bitblocks (aka best tetris-style game… bitblocks Wallpaper2 is developed by bitbar. Read the full revie…
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Mais um dia de quedas no mercado

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

Sistema de alertas via SMS Uma análise do mercado de Bitcoins, e altcoins com destaque para litecoin. Gráficos para Bitcoin, e demais cr…
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Alta no Mundo, queda no Brasil 15/01/14

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

Uma análise do mercado de Bitc01ns, e altcoins com destaque para litecoin. Gráficos para Bitcoin, e demais criptomoedas…
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The Completionist (Satchbag Remix)

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

Free MP3 Download: A tribute to some good guys! Peep their channel here:
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Lastest Namecoin News

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

Senin paran sanal alemde geçmez!
Namecoin (NMC) namecoin.infa: Bitc01n protokolünü kullanan bir diğer kripto para birimi. Onun farkı ise internetteki alan adlarına alternatif olarak kendi adreslerini ve altyapısını oluşturabilmesi. Bu altyapı hiç kimse tarafından denetlenemiyor ve …
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La bulle du bitcoin va-t-elle exploser?
Des monnaies concurrentes pourraient le supplanter : Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Amazon coin… Quelques millionnaires en monnaie numérique seront alors ruinés. Question subsidiaire : si le bitcoin s'effondre, l'économie mondiale plongera-t-elle à …
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J'ai essayé de payer mon sandwich en bitcoins
Litecoin, namecoin, novacoin, dogecoin, terracoin, primecoin… comme leur illustre prédécesseur, ces devises s'échangent sur des places de marchés. Mais pour la plupart, elles sont trop jeunes pour être converties en dollars ou en euros. Leur cours s …
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Cuenta 27

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

esta si es — Created using PowToon — Free sign up at . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon i…
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