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Intigrations test

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Ist cool.
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Wired placed Kiosked as one of the hottest startups in Europe this year, so we wanted to hear what they they have to say about mobile marketing trends 2012. …
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Mercado apresenta dia com oscilações

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Uma análise do mercado de Bitcoins, e altcoins com destaque para litecoin. Gráficos para Bitcoin, e demais criptomoedas…

Lastest Bitc01n News

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How to tip a bartender in Bitcoin
The UpTake: Bitc01n isn't the easiest currency to use in settings like restaurants & bars, but a tenacious few are working to smooth out the transaction kinks. Twenty Bitc01n entrepreneurs—practicing & aspiring—gathered around a table yesterday …
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Top 5 Penta Kills Ep. 13 (League of Legends)

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SUB/SHARE/SUBMIT to: ✓D/L the InfiniteCoin Wallet: (Msg me’n get 2. Feenix Twitter: This episode brought to you by Feenix: Nas…
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אינפיניטיקויין הסבר5

infinitecoin הסבר ל להוריד תוכנה ולסנכרן דאטא להכניס כסף מפייפל להמיר אותו ל SLL לביטקוייין…

Discover What the World is Listening To – Demo of Clerkd App

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Sign up to our newsletter: Clerkd is a music discovery app for the iPhone that just went into private beta. Clerkd wants to help you …
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Android Automated GUI Testing.
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Lastest Novacoin News

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testing 21

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Recorded on my Android phone. – Captured Live on Ustream at with the Ustream Mobile App.

MindTrek 2012 Business and Media Festival Launches

Sign up to our newsletter! MindTrek is a digital media and business festival held in Tampere. We interview MindTrek’s producer, Bertt…

Bitcoin threatens kleptocracy and through that bitcoin saves capitalism

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos Networks With IamSatoshi …
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How to Mine Memory Coins Easy Guide to Mining Memorycoin on Windows

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Read more at ( After looking everywhere for a Hot to Mine Memory Coins, i decid. Read more at ( After looking everywhere for a Simple How to Guide on Litecoi…
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16-bit Bar is a free to play arcade with a bar. This place is amazing! I suggest it to any gamer/nerd in the Columbus area!

Bitcoin Prices Spike Over 150% at MtGox on Withdrawal Rumors

Written By: - Feb• 23•14

Bitcoin Prices Spike Over 150% at MtGox on Withdrawal Rumors
Bitcoin prices at troubled exchange MtGox spiked over 150% to reach a high of $ 290 today. The basis for the rally was a rumor posted on Reddit that the company has started processing bitcoin withdrawals again. User that goes by the nickname ''bcn00b'' …
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Stanford scholars say Bitcoin offers promise, peril
Bitcoin is a stateless, digital currency that allows people to make transactions with no middlemen – no banks, no transaction fees and no governments. Instead of printing banknotes or minting coins, a list of the registration numbers of each of the …
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Bitcoin Beauties promotes use of currency by women
At the inaugural Bitc01n Fair, an evening of bitcoin evangelizing held this month in a packed-to-capacity Japantown ramen joint in San Francisco, the absence of one thing stood out. "I invited lots of women," bemoaned the event host, QuickCoin co …
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Dopamine is first computer case designed for Bitcoin mining
With boutique PC companies hopping on the cryptocurrency mining trend — iBuyPower recently released the CoinMine desktop lineup for the mining of Bitc01ns, Litecoin, and the like — it should come as no surprise that other DIY operations also want to …
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