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Litecoin Nvidia CUDA Miner Stratum Setup

Written By: - Dec• 15•13

Tutorial on setting up CUDA Miner to do stratum pool mining. [ LTC - LavieiwQxohbSVd5kJfLxei4LhdXM1zjuk ] [ BTC - 1GqDM6dyoXQapF7MUc1hS9hnCSoPBbTteL ] Link t…
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  1. TysonMS says:

    Thank you. I managed to get it to work mining LTC with my crappy old GTX 460 at 99.18 khash/s Let the pennies roll in!

  2. vquild says:

    Great job on simple explanation. Mining on a GTS250 at 14khash/s The only thing i would advice people is to make sure you have the most resent version of cudaminer. I had and outdated version of cudaminer and did not work. I just moved over my .bat to the newer version of cudaminer and starting mining in like 10 sec. I will be sending some coins your way…Thx again

  3. Hug Eng says:

    Woow Great, thanks a lot. My nVida Geforce 9200m GS is working now with 1.48khash/s :) on my Laptop. I was nearly crazy, after trying to start LTC mining since weeks.

  4. ElNickio says:

    Thanks Malachite – after several attempts I followed what you said exactly and it works!! I’m now mining feathercoin.

  5. zZZzzzSnooze2nd . says:

    I put my old 550 Ti in with my GTX 760 & started CUDA Miner, and it is working together. 241 khash/s now. 73 khash/s for the GTX 550 Ti & 168 khash/s for the GTX 760.

  6. PureTamil says:

    when i open the proxy.bat it closses suddenly, but when i open the wemineltc.bat its working, at first it didnt work but then i put the whole thing in one line when typing in wordpad

  7. cornelius frey says:

    both of the .bat files are closing after half a second. actually i also tried it with my windows-firewall turned off… got any idea?

  8. Alex Church says:

    I followed these steps and when I run the program it displays this: C:UsersMichael OxbigDesktopcudaminer-2013-07-13>cuda.bat C:UsersMichael OxbigDesktopcudaminer-2013-07-13>cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp :// -O churchbus.1:P@55Wurd *** CudaMiner for nVidia GPUs by Christian Buchner *** This is version 2013-07-13 (alpha) based on pooler-cpuminer 2.3.2 (c) 2010 Jeff Garzik, 2012 pooler Cuda additions Copyright 2013 Christian Buchner My donation address: LKS1WDKGED647msBQfLBHV3Ls8sveGncnm It doesn’t do anything else past that point. What did I do wrong?

  9. Mike Tomovich says:

    getting this error when opening the second .bat file: The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. kidilam01 says:

    Why is my cudaminer.bat crashing ?…I disabled firewall and still its not working !!

  11. Jordan Smith says:

    Hi Malakite. Thanks for the video, you really helped. For some reason the autotuner was giving me an error and trying to use the launch configuration of f0x0, which is like, a nonexistant kernal I think (similar to what someone else on here mentioned). I am running a GTX 470, and in the readme from cudaminer it talks about how F28x4 is a good launch configuration for GTX 460 (onlineamiga, take note) so I added that into my configuration by putting -l F28x4 after cudaminer.exe and before the stuff that goes after -o, just on the off chance that it was a good launch configuration for GTX 470 and it worked! However, my hashrate is hovering between 90 and 150 kh/s. Have you heard of a resource that gives the best launch configurations for different cards? The one that’s used by everyone for hardware comparisons doesn’t have a launch configuration for my card unfortunately. Thanks!

  12. Deakin ohseven says:

    Thankyou very much for this vid post mate. Iv been doing bitcoin for a while now and wanted to get onto ltc but everytime I tried I simply failed. To the point of pulling my hair out in frustration! ! Your post has put me right on course now and im happily mining away at last. Had a few glitches but all in all im up and running. Thanks again dude!

  13. zZZzzzSnooze2nd . says:

    ITS WORKING!! I was about to smash up my computer… GTX 760 getting 168 khash/s.

  14. jorhyoo says:

    why can’t i find the proxy.exe file…. there doesn’t seem to be one in the latest cudaminer files

  15. Ainogard Draco says:

    thanks mate i was strugling with the wrong miner (cgminer) having seen your tutorial really happy 

  16. onlineamiga says:

    Using a GTX 460 and cudaminer crashes.. any ideas?


    with gtx 780 i had 100 khash/s before, now I get 290 khash/s!

  18. NerdvanA Channel says:

    I want to say you can have it on one or the other but not both. Both would mean 2 different wallets under the same PC, which I do not think there is a way to do (don’t quote me on this I just havent seen it done)

  19. magickrokie says:

    Maybe a stupid question to post here. But do you know if it is possible to install the bitcoin wallet client and or the downloaded blocks (that you synchronized) on another partition of your pc? Cause I have an SSD with 55,7 GB which only has 4,77 Gb of ffree space

  20. Henrik Udnes says:

    U do not need stratum im pretty sure.

  21. magickrokie says:

    When you download stratum proxy windows from we mine ltc the file is now called: stratum_proxy.exe instead of mining_proxy.exe. So that’s why the proxy file wont work for some of you. just change the mining_proxy.exe to stratum_proxy.exe in the proxy file you made.

  22. tlarson91119 says:

    I’m having nothing but trouble with all this mining. I’ve tried bitcoin mining too with some success but barely making anything on that. I was able to do the litecoin mining with cpuminer fine, but that’s just really slow. I followed through the tutorial. I got the proxy working and the cudaminer was able to connect but I get “cudaminer.exe has stopped working” last printout in the console was: 0.00Kh/s with configuration L0x0, using launch configuration L0x0. Any ideas??

  23. NerdvanA Channel says:

    My apologies for the late reply, I tried looking up more info on it but honestly I couldnt find the solution. I will keep looking to see if I can figure something out for you.

  24. Martin Brink says:

    Did you find a solution for this, i get the same error.

  25. Derek Long says:

    Well, the miner seems to be working just fine. I’m using a GTX Titan, and it’s returning about 200 khash/s. However, the stratum proxy bat file seems to return an error. It says, Unhandled error in deferred Trackback: Failure: stratum.custom_exceptions.TransportException: SocketTranspofrtClientFactory connection timed out then ERROR proxy client_service.on_timeout # connection to upstream pool timed out. What do you think is causing this?

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