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Written By: - Dec• 30•13

1755 gold 8-escudo piece resets beginning of milled coinage
The date is unlisted in standard references like Gold Coins of the World by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg and the Standard Catalog of World Coins by Chester Krause and Clifford Mishler. Prior to discovery of the Eliasberg 4-escudo coin, “milled” or …
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Coin Collecting: How Large Is The Rare Coin Market?
These companies specialize in modern and world coins. I think it is pretty safe to estimate the market for rare coins in the United States to be well over $ 3 billion dollars per year. Why is this information important? Anyone who collects rare coins or …
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Cuhaj Sculpts Medals
I was also able to meet with Standard Catalog of World Coins contributor Ladislav Sin, who has been a KP supporter since the early 1970s. Finally, former International Bank Note Society board member Ludek Vostal made a visit to view their paper money …

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