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Bitcoin isn't just for momentum junkies

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

Bitcoin isn't just for momentum junkies
We need to be careful in distinguishing momentum-junkie gamblers who are speculating in bitcoin, from investors & savers who have used it to store a small amount of capital, from merchants who are willing to accept bitcoins as payments. Bitcoin …
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Bank of Montreal Shuts Down Bitcoin Business Accounts: Report
A Vancouver-based bitcoin exchange says its account has been shut down by the Bank of Montreal & claims the bank is closing all accounts owned by businesses who trade in bitcoins. In a statement on its website, Cointrader said BMO was the “last …
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The next phase of Bitcoin investment
FORTUNE — Venture capitalists have invested around $ 100 million into Bitcoin-related startups, believing that the cryptocurrency will eventually take a major bite out of the global payments industry. Everything from digital wallets to merchant …
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State regulators to tackle bitcoin, virtual currencies
"As virtual currencies, like bitcoin, & similar technologies continue to be increasingly utilized, we have to ensure that governments are adequately protecting consumers & addressing lawbreakers without hindering innovation," said Carper, chairman …
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